How Do I Take Care of My Hand Beaded Jewelry?


      • Every Strands and Bands jewel can be worn and enjoyed all day, everyday, without needing to be removed for showering, swimming, or sleeping. All pieces use high-quality beads and metals (14K gold filled & sterling silver) that are waterproof and won't tarnish.
      • To help prevent elastic items from getting stretched out, make sure to ROLL your elastic jewelry on and off or over and under other pieces. Do not pull them on or off. Since they are safe to wear 24/7, taking them on and off should be minimized as much as possible.
      • As with all jewelry, minor imperfections may occur with glass seed beads with use over time. Such changes are part of the piece's character, and your Strands and Bands will retain their beauty even if they transform slightly as you enjoy wearing them.
      • Avoid getting your beaded jewelry caught on things that might pull it.
        • Avoid spraying perfumes or sunblock directly on them.
        • Do not use jewelry cleaners.
          • Strands & Bands beaded items are not intended for children under 10.