How are Strands and Bands Made/What Materials are Used?


      I design and hand bead each item myself in NYC. For Strands (stretchy items), I use highly durable elastic stretch cord and finish each item with a hidden knot that is reinforced with a specialized jewelry glue. For Bands (woven items), I hand stitch each item, without the use of a loom, using a sewing needle and fray-resistant, water-safe thread that is strong, yet soft and supple allowing each woven piece to drape beautifully on the wrist.

      I use gold filled round beads because they provide incredible quality at an affordable price. They are highly durable and will not tarnish or peel. They are water-safe and much more durable than gold-plated or gold-vermeil beads because the gold outer layer is significantly thicker and goes through a more rigorous process. Gold filled is also nickel-free, and if you do not have a sensitivity to solid gold, you should not have a sensitivity to gold filled jewelry.

      The sterling silver beads I use are also water-safe, seamless and non-tarnishing, and will retain their beautiful shine.

      I use high quality Japanese and Czech glass seed beads, as well as quality gemstone, metal, and pearlized beads for clarity and sparkle. I test everything before adding items to my website to ensure the colors and finishes will not easily fade or chip.

      All designs and color combinations are my own. Sometimes I design a specific pattern that I follow closely. Other times I create a design but select beads in a more free-form manner. In this case, no two pieces will be exactly alike, although the overall look will appear the same.

      Every item is custom-made to order. I try to re-create each piece as closely as possible to the photos on my website. However, some variation in bead shape and color should be expected, and a bead pattern might vary slightly depending on the length of the item ordered. In certain instances where a bead is no longer available, I will try to match it as closely as possible.